Our HS Coach Clinicians

PSFCA 2021 Virtual Clinic Information and Speaker Agenda     
 F e b. 11-13, 2021

The PSFCA clinic registration site is live. Coaches can access the site here:

PSFCA Members

Click the "Book my Space" tab in the upper right corner, once members have received their paid membership codes from the PSFCA office. Those coaches who have not joined the PSFCA can immediately register at the link below.

For any coaches that have purchased their single PSFCA Membership w/ Clinic pass already they can use this promo code to receive a 100% discount on the $125 basic clinic fee: 
Clinic Code: Sent to you Via PSFCA Office

For coaches that have purchased their single PSFCA Membership only (no clinic), their promocode is: Sent to you Via PSFCA Office
That will drop the $125 down to a $25 fee for the virtual clinic.

For any Staff/Program PSFCA members that have purchased their PSFCA Membership, with Clinic Pass use this code:  Sent to you Via PSFCA Office
It will discount the $500 to $0.

These are the only Ticket Options the promocodes will work for. Follow directions on the registration page for those individuals or staffs that will allow you to register at the above link.

Non-PSFCA Members

All non-PSFA members and out-of-state coaches will pay full price. Registration information is located on the link below.