We are honored to announce we are adding another East/West game!

We are honored to announce we are adding another East/West game!

By: Billy Splain | PSFCA | July 21, 2020


The Pennsylvania State Football Coaches Association has heard from coaches and have taken action. “One of our biggest complaints was that the kids from the lower classes were getting left out of our All-Star game process, so we’re splitting the game into two editions.” said PSFCA Executive Director Garry Cathell. ”

“We wanted to start the new membership year off by creating a membership package that will suite all levels of football in Pa. Many coaches at smaller schools have felt that they cannot get players into the all-star games.” The PSFCA will now have 3 all-star games this year. The Big 33, Class 1-3, and Class 4-6 East West Games. It will be an honor for those players to be selected to play. Those games will take place on Memorial Day weekend May 30-31, 2021. That weekend will now have the premier players in the state playing at one site over 2 days. (Football Weekend in PA).

The association also made some changes they felt would help coaches by adjusting the way you become a member by creating some savings for joining. Also included in the new membership is a membership that can be purchased by your District, conference, or local association. There will be a 20% saving by purchasing this type of membership. Information on this type of membership can be obtained by contacting gcathell@big33.org.

Other perks such as the discount card from The Funding Zone, clinic discounts, and participation in all of the nomination activities throughout the year. Presently we are in communication with Penn State to see what the status of tickets will be. We will let each of you know if that perk will be available soon.

The last perk that each of you should be excited about its return is the Million-dollar liability coverage that can protect you during the whole year. I have enclosed a detailed file for your viewing. This perk could be the most important one that you can have for yourself and all the football coaches in your program. Please review the enclosed file and take advantage of this extra security that you will have.

Please remember that for your players to be eligible for the Big 33 and EW games you must be a member of the coaches’ association.

You will also be receiving player nomination information from the Big 33 office both by email and regular mail. This information will be distributed the first part of November. Please read the information carefully and make sure you follow all the selection guidelines listed within the instructions.

Finally, please mark your calendars for the annual PSFCA Football Clinic, February 11-13, 2021. Clinic event information will be coming to you very soon.